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Who is GovSource?
Rechelle Leahy

Rechelle is an experienced manager, director and committee and board member who began her career as a legal editor with Thomson's Legal and Regulatory Group. For the past two decades she has worked with government, corporations and community based organisations in immigration, procurement, governance and community services.

Rechelle has held significant leadership roles in central agencies including several years with the immigration and finance portfolios.

She previously owned, Migration Matters (2005-2009) an Immigration Consultancy working in the standard immigration program and on pro bono work with refugee applicants, and Rechelle Leahy and Associates a Governance and Policy Advice Consultancy to government specialising in Gateway Reviews or large projects for State, Federal and International government.

Rechelle has published widely on matters related to immigration including working with the BBC London on radio. She has been awarded two Secretary's Medals of Excellence from the Department of Finance for her work in Superannuation and Procurement / USA - Australia Free Trade Agreement. She and her late husband also appeared in a many media programs including SBS Insight as strong advocates for the legislation and legalisation of medicinal cannabis for terminal cancer patients in Australia.

Rechelle has a breadth of interests across all levels of government and has been influential in leading public and private institutions, including advisor to the Canberra Migrant Resource Centre and Committee Member of the National Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN) - Canberra.

Rechelle is passionate about governance and social policy related issues and continues to seek roles on Boards and Committees where her skills can be best utilised.