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Our Team

Rechelle Leahy is the founder of GovSource. Rechelle believes that 'good decisions start at the source'. 

Rechelle is an Independent Director of the Board of National Rural Women’s Coalition and an experienced executive manager, director, committee and board member with over 15 years of government specialist governance experience.

For the past two decades she has worked with government, corporations and community based organisations in immigration, procurement, governance and community services.

Rechelle is an accredited Gateway Reviewer and mediator.

Rechelle is passionate about governance and social policy related issues, especially those of rural, regional and remote women, with a specific emphasis on bridging the gender pay gap and women's empowerment and continues to seek to be part of the national conversation on these matters.


GovSource provides advice on corporate governance, strategy, policy, risk management and corporate sustainability to clients.

Govsource firmly believes if you can measure you can manage and is a specialist in providing a lens across organisations reviewing diversity, equity and equality

Our team provides a unique blend of people and partners with extensive experience as directors, senior managers, management and HR educators, facilitators and management researchers.

We provide flexible packages to provide these services including working on retainer, with your business over flexible time frames, one off advice packages and on call / ad hoc advice assistance.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and request a quote.

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Good decisions start at the source



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